T-Mobile is giving customers a free year of Apple TV +

For a few years now, wireless carriers in the US have been offering their customers all kinds of free videos and music. Verizon (the parent company of Engadget) has offered free subscriptions to Disney +And Apple Music And AMC + Recently, while T-Mobile has been offering its longtime customers Free access to Netflix. Today, T-Mobile is Adding another free gift To its offerings: Apple TV +. Starting August 25, customers who subscribe to Magenta or Magenta Max plans (plus some older Sprint plans) will get one year of free access to Apple TV+.

If you’re already paying for Apple TV+, you can still take advantage of this deal. You will only add a free year of access and pause billing until your trial period ends. If you haven’t used Apple TV+ yet, it’s naturally available on all of your current Apple devices, but it’s also available on quite a few third-party set-top boxes, game consoles, and TVs as well.

The move comes as Apple itself has reduced the length of the Apple TV + free trial. Since launching the service, Apple has offered a free year to anyone who buys new devices from the company, and has extended that free period several times. But recently, people have noticed that Apple is finally charging them for the service, and the free trial period has been reduced to three months. That’s still pretty generous, but all of these changes indicate that Apple is eager to start raising money for the Apple TV+. Unless, of course, you’re a T-Mobile subscriber, in which case it’s the perfect time to start playing Ted Lasso gluttony.

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