Taliban attacks resistance fighters in the last area

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The Taliban have attacked opposition fighters in the Panjshir Valley, the last pocket of resistance against the group’s takeover of Afghanistan, threatening hopes for a national unity government in the country.

The clashes came as US Vice President Kamala Harris acknowledged on Monday that a US-led evacuation from Afghanistan would require “robust analysis” after fierce criticism that the Biden administration botched the operation and hurt international allies.

resistance forces Ali Nazari, head of foreign relations for the Afghan National Resistance Front, a coalition of anti-Taliban fighters, said Taliban forces have retreated in Panjshir, a mountainous region north of Kabul, in the battles that began Sunday night.

“They were trying to attack Panjshir, but they couldn’t do it,” said Nizari. “They faced defeat today and backed out.”

The Taliban said it has sent hundreds of fighters to the mountainous region, and posted videos on social media of its special forces traveling overland to the area.

Ahmed Masoud is a famous son Mujahideen who fought the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1979, and the leader of the Afghan National Resistance Front, called for international support to fight the Taliban if a peace settlement was not reached.

The Taliban is tightening its control over the country after the defeat of the government of Ashraf Ghani, the former president who took power. Refuge in the United Arab Emirates.

The militant group said it sought to moderate its public statements Women’s rights will be protected According to Islamic law.

But the United Nations has warned that Afghanistan faces a “gender emergency”, after Taliban militants prevented women from leaving the home and participating in public life. When the congregation ruled in the 1990s, women were banned from work and school.

We have some evidence or reports from different counties that women are not allowed to leave their home without it. . . said Mohamed Al-Nasiri, Director of UN Women in the Asia Pacific region. “We understand that in some counties women have been asked to continue to stay at home.”

The US vice president was speaking on a trip to Singapore as she sought to reassure allies in the Asia-Pacific region that Washington would stand with its partners.

“There will be no doubt that there will be a robust analysis of what happened and ought to be,” Harris said, adding that President Joe Biden “expressed great emotion in expressing his grief over the images we have seen.”

“But right now we are focused individually on evacuating American citizens, Afghans who have worked with us, and Afghans at risk, including women and children, and that is our only focus at this time,” Harris said.

Afghan evacuees prepare to board a bus

The United States has come under fire for its handling of the evacuation of Americans and Afghan allies from Kabul. © US MARINE CORPS / AFP via Getty Im

The Taliban has offered amnesty to its opponents, but there have been reports of fighters tracking down collaborators and allegations that the group soon killed a journalist for German waveGerman public broadcaster.

Other political leaders, including Hamid Karzai, the former Afghan president, are in talks with senior Taliban officials to form a power-sharing government.

Afghanistan’s neighbors, including Pakistan and China, have suggested that an inclusive government is a prerequisite for recognizing the new Taliban regime.

But Nazari said the attack on Panjshir undermined the Taliban’s pledge to form such a government with representation from all of Afghanistan’s ethnic groups.

“What we are seeing is that the Taliban are drunk with victory, they don’t even listen to these regional countries,” Nazari said. The Taliban believe that they have defeated the superpower, even their allies cannot stop them. They are willing to test their limits, that’s what they’re doing in Panjshir.”

Biden’s decision to withdraw troops from the country two decades later led to the mass evacuation of foreigners and thousands of desperate Afghans who helped the United States and its international allies. But the effort has been marred by violence, with a NATO official saying at least 20 people have died over the past week.

The German armed forces said that a gun battle erupted Monday morning at Kabul International Airport between Afghan security personnel and unidentified assailants. “An Afghan soldier was killed and three others were wounded,” she said on Twitter.

On Sunday, the United States said it was Taking into account the Extending the withdrawal of US personnel on August 31 and ordering civilian airlines to help move Afghan refugees from bases in the Middle East.

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