Guards of the Republic is officially abolished

Paul Sun-Hyung Le's Captain Carson Tifa looks skeptically at Gina Carano's Cara Dune in a scene from The Mandalorian Season 2

The new republic could not take a break.
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We hardly hear anything about him Rangers of the New Republic Since its announcement last year at Disney’s Investor Day conference. Her future looked more dangerous in the wake Lucasfilm parting ways With actress Cara Dion Gina Carano for offensive comments on social media. Now, we know definitively that there will be none Ranging in the new republic.

The final nail in the spin-off – which would have revolved around Dune’s possible joining the New Republic after leaving the Rebel alliance before disintegrating into the new entity in the events before we met her in The Mandalorian—Comes from Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy, who provided comments for Empire Magazine (via INSn). In fact, Kennedy notes that Lucasfilm, despite the series’ advertisements, had nothing in the series, and what I was It will probably be used from now on The Mandalorian While that. “We never wrote any scripts or anything about it,” Kennedy told Empire. “sSome of that will appear in future episodes, I’m sure, from the next iteration of Mandalorian.

This isn’t a surprise, because we’ve already heard it Notice was running Put it on hold Lucasfilm switched plans in the wake of Carano being “no longer employed” by the studio. And as Lucasfilm has proven with star Wars Lately, he’s gotten quite comfortable with reshuffling his plans over and over, leaving some ideas on the shelf and Postponing some for the future. But it’s still annoying that we won’t get anything exploring this. A period still relatively untouched Who’s new star Wars Chronology. Much of Lucasfilm’s current expansion of star Wars been in the shadows of the previous and original trios, filling in the gaps in and around them, or back far before them with initiatives such as Supreme Republic. 30 years between Return of the Jedi And The force wakes up It was rarely touched upon thanks to the secrecy that surrounded the sequel trilogy as it rolled out, and even now with its conclusion, projects are few and far between to address what happened at the time or what will happen next. Heavenly Rise.

Rangers of the New Republic It could have been an opportunity to explore the nascent days of the Rebel Alliance in the force for which it fought so hard through the original version star Wars The movies, another opportunity to add texture to that time span of a galaxy far, far away without the need to use a lightsaber or force powers. Hopefully something will follow, anything will follow – even if it’s in between Ahsoka And boba fett book, Beside MandalorianSeason 3, we have a lot of Disney + star Wars Show as is – to explore those ideas. Hopefully, Lucasfilm will do a better job of screening out people who might build such a showcase next time.

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