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Less a distinct organization in its own right and more of a conglomerate, the Shadow Society has risen to prominence thanks to the work of the returning Darth Maul and his brother-turned-apprentice, the Savage Oppress, as the former Sith tries to take revenge on the Jedi he tried to kill, decades before, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the master who abandoned About Darth Sidious. Maul and Opress gathered force from a mixture of forces, including fellow crime families: in its brief heyday, the group included the Mandalorian Death Watch, the Black Sun, the Crimson Dawn, the Pyke family, the Nightbrothers and the Dathomir sisters, and even elements of forces from the Hutt gangs. , making them the de facto ruling power of the underworld in the final months of the Clone War.

However, it didn’t last: after Maul declared his game for power by working with the Death Watch to attempt a coup against the ruling powers of planet Mandalore, the rogue Sith was confronted by both the Republic’s intervention in the neutral world and his encounter with his former master. The brief capture of Maul at the hands of the Republic (which was on the verge of becoming a Galactic Empire) and the death of Opress at Sidious created a power vacuum that caused members of the Shadow Collective to go their separate ways once the remnants of the Separatist forces shifted to them, putting an end to their influence on the galaxy.

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