HBO Max downloaded the censored TV version of “Birds of Prey” by mistake

HBO Max uploaded another file DC Comics AlternativeBut she wouldn’t be bragging about it. as CBR And the edge Note, WarnerMedia executive comms Joanna Fuentes has confirmed HBO Max has uploaded the censored TV version of the 2020 movie wild birds. While it’s listed as an R version of theaters, play it and you’ll get the same “family-friendly” mod you see on TNT.

Fuentes promised that HBO Max would upload the R-rated movie, though it didn’t provide a timeline. This uncensored offer will be the only release on the Service, exec addedIt has been available for about a year.

It is not clear how the slip occurred. We asked WarnerMedia for comment. However, HBO Max certainly isn’t averse to foul language or violence. This is an embarrassing moment for the broadcast provider Still in its early stages, but it does not represent a sudden change of heart.

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