Ghislaine Maxwell trial set to shed light on Epstein’s crimes

Jeffrey Epstein premature death He deprived his victims and the wider world of full accountability for his misdeeds.

The mysterious financier who had intercourse with two US presidents and a group of the world’s richest men hanged himself in a cell in Manhattan in August 2019, a month after he was arrested for crimes. Trafficking of underage girls about sexual assault.

For those who have been brutalized — or mesmerized — by Epstein, a New York court may now offer some answers, as opening arguments begin Monday at a trial. Jesslyn Maxwell. The British socialite was Epstein’s girlfriend and then manager of his remote properties – a Caribbean island, a farm in New Mexico and the largest country house in Manhattan, among others.

According to the authorities, she also oversaw a network that recruited dozens of vulnerable girls for Epstein’s abuse.

Maxwell, 59, was arrested last year in a secluded home in New Hampshire, repeatedly denied the charges. “I didn’t commit any crime,” she told the judge earlier this month as she appeared in court in a rare exit from her prison cell.

In pre-trial requests, her lawyers suggested that they would try to attack the women’s credibility Maxwell She was allegedly recruited while also claiming that prosecutors were bent on punishing her to make up for their embarrassment in the Epstein case.

In 2007, with the local police and the FBI preparing charges against Epstein After complaints from victims, the federal prosecutor agreed to a secret plea deal that was unusually lenient. Epstein was allowed to serve only 13 months in a luxury Florida prison near his Palm Beach mansion.

“This is not a temporary job, but nonetheless pieced together until Ghislaine is forced to face charges that Epstein never faced,” her brother, Ian Maxwell, told The Associated Press this week.

Even after his death, Epstein continues to wreak havoc at the upper echelons of finance, academia, politics, and technology. Only this month was Jess Staley forced to step down He was appointed chief executive of Barclays after British regulators concluded he had not been outspoken about the extent of his relationship with Epstein while managing JPMorgan’s private banking group.

Precipitated entanglements with Epstein Leon Black exit earlier this year from his own company, Apollo Global Management, while staining Bill Gates’ reputation. They also obstructed the royal career of Britain’s Prince Andrew, who sued in New York earlier this year by one of Epstein’s victims, Virginia Roberts Joffrey, accused of alleged sexual assault while she was still a minor. The Duke of York denied this claim.

The suspense surrounding Maxwell’s trial is whether it will further shed light Epstein relationships With these and other strong men he explained some of the mysteries that stuck him in life and now in death.

It is still not clear, for example, how Epstein, a university dropout, made his fortune. There is also widespread speculation that Epstein was a spy – or at least worked with intelligence agencies – and an international money launderer. Meanwhile, victims claimed that Epstein’s homes were covered with secret cameras to monitor his guests.

Maxwell’s own background encouraged such theories. She is the daughter of baron and embezzler British journalist Robert Maxwell, who was found dead in 1991 floating in the Atlantic off the Canary Islands near his yacht, Lady Ghislaine. Among his other endeavors, Maxwell, a Holocaust survivor, was widely suspected of being a spy.

However, those who expect a bombshell to be revealed at his daughter’s trial may be disappointed. This is because the government’s case focuses narrowly on its role in bringing in four specific underage victims to Epstein in the 1990s, one of whom was as young as 14. He is expected to testify.

According to the indictment, these women were among dozens Help Maxwell Epstein to “recruit, groom, and ultimately abuse” over the years, taking them to shopping and cinema, among other temptations.

The network expanded, according to prosecutors, with Maxwell then encouraging the girls to recruit their boyfriends with a simple proposal: offer a “massage” to a wealthy Palm Beach man for a few hundred dollars. Sometimes, according to prosecutors, Maxwell not only groomed girls, but also participated in sexual abuse of them.

Maxwell on court would be very different from the character whose upper-class morals and social grace helped make Epstein a high-society in the ’90s. She has been locked in a six-foot by nine-foot cell in Manhattan since her arrest – conditions her brother said were “inhuman”.

It remains unclear whether she will take the stand to testify, which defendants rarely do. If Maxwell does, close observers of the case say, Epstein may have the power to shock and surprise again.

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