Mercedes-Benz EQS recalls over error that allowed dashboard video to be played while driving

Mercedes-Benz has released a server-side update to fix a bug that allowed owners EQS EV and modern S-class cars to watch video content on The exhibits are in those cars in motion. In the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration spotted by Consumer Reports editor The automaker says it found an “incorrect configuration” on its backend server in November that may have been installed on some vehicles. It is estimated that approximately 227 vehicles were affected by the censorship. And while Mercedes is not aware of any accidents, it is going ahead with the recall.

News of the decision comes the same week that a From New York times He said that Tesla recently updated its cars to allow passengers to play specific games even while their car is in motion. “solitaire It’s a game for everyone, but playing while the car is in motion is for passengers only,” says the company’s infotainment system after someone released the title. The driver can bypass this warning and then play the game. It’s a feature that NHTSA says it’s in contact with Tesla about.

A spokesperson for the agency told Engadget that “the Vehicle Safety Act prohibits manufacturers from selling vehicles with design flaws that pose unreasonable safety risks.” In 2019, the NHTSA said 3,142 people in the United States died in accidents involving distracted drivers.

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