Targus made a backpack with the built-in Find My tracker

An apple find Technology is making its way into more products, including the Targus backpack. The Cypress Hero Backpack has a built-in location tracker that can help its rightful owner find it through Find my network if lost. Conversely, if you misplace your iPhone, you can press a button on the backpack to test your phone’s connection, as long as you’ve set things up in the Targus app.

Targus The tracker says “very compact” in the backpack, which should provide some extra protection against theft. You can set up geofence alerts, so if your backpack moves outside a certain area, you’ll receive an alert. The tracker also has a built in audio alert (which will probably be as loud as a file AirTag) that you can run remotely.

The tracker has a replaceable battery that you can charge up via USB, although Targus says it will last about a year before you need to recharge it. Targus made the backpack with sustainability in mind, as it’s made from 26 recycled water bottles. The Cypress Hero Backpack, which has an IPX3 rating for water resistance, should be available sometime in the spring or summer. It costs $150.


Furthermore, Targus announced the DOCK720, a docking station that supports one 8K display or up to four 4K displays. The company says it’s “the first biometric device and docking solution in one device” — in other words, it has a fingerprint reader. You can expect a range of ports as well, including USB-A, USB-C, Ethernet, HDMI, and an audio combo jack. The Dock will be available this month for $443.

The Targus Docking Display, meanwhile, is a 24-inch 1080p LCD monitor with a built-in 2-megapixel webcam, microphone, speakers, and a USB-C docking station. You can hook it up to a second monitor and run both monitors from your computer. Docking Display will be shipped in February. The primary monitor costs $400, while the secondary monitor (which doesn’t have a webcam) costs $180.

In addition, Targus is expanding its lineup of antimicrobial products, which now includes backpacks, shoulder bags and protective sleeves for laptops. The company claims that its DefenseGuard Antimicrobial Protection effectively inhibits the growth of 99.9% of germ-causing microorganisms.

It will also launch a UV-C LED disinfection light next month after that Debuting at CES 2021. For five minutes every hour, the $300 device will wash the surface (or more likely the keyboard and mouse) with ultraviolet light to effectively kill 99 percent of pathogens.

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