Apple faces a class action lawsuit over Powerbeats Pro charging issues

Apple faces another lawsuit Powerbeats battery problem. New Yorker Alejandro Vivar Foot Possible class action lawsuit over allegations Powerbeats Pro Design flaws prevent the wireless earbuds from charging properly. Since it is very easy to lose the connection between the earphones and their charging case, one of the two earpieces either does not charge “consistently” or drains quickly. The plaintiff said Apple committed fraud by misrepresenting battery life and failing to address issues it was supposed to be aware of.

Vivar’s lawyers suggest that a combination of the case’s design and a non-durable ear “gasket” (the piece that goes into your ear) may be responsible. According to the lawsuit, customers had to insert a “wedge” to keep the charging pins connected. Lawyers also reject Apple’s claims that the Powerbeats Pro are sweat and water resistant, arguing that sweat spoils the charging contacts.

The lawsuit calls on Apple to “correct” the situation, compensate the affected users and pay unspecified damages. If the lawsuit were fully approved as a class action, it would cover both New York clients as well as clients of Georgia, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota and Virginia.

We have asked Apple for comment. As with many of these lawsuits, there is no certainty that it will reach class action status or result in compensation. And do not expect unexpected gains even if the case succeeds – with Some exceptions, class actions tend to lead to small batches. If anything, the lawsuit may do more to affect design choices than Powerbeats Pro buyers’ bank accounts.

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