Marvel and Fortnite Team Up Again for Zero War Crossover Comic

The main characters of the Marvel/Fortnite crossover comic, Zero War.

Image: Lenil Francis Yu/Marvel Comics

Both DC and Marvel Comics have been among the many corporations to plop their characters over to Fortnite in recent years. If the latter publisher’s ridiculous, in-canon 2020 crossover didn’t satisfy you, then you’ll be pleased to hear that they’re teaming up again for a second crossover this summer.

Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War will see Spider-Man, Shuri, and Wolverine team up with “fan favorite” characters from the battle royale who’ve traveled to the Marvel world to track down a crystal shard from the Zero Point event in Season 8 of Chapter 2 that’s wound up in the Marvel Universe. (It’s not clear if the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point comic from last year is also canon to this?) The so-called “Zero Shard” is could possibly turn the tide of the neverending war that Fortnite’s characters have been locked into for years now, and the story will have “enormous ramifications” for both universes.

Penning the comic is writer Christos Gage, with a story from Epic’s Donald Mustard—just as it was with DC’s Zero Point crossover—and Captain Marvel’s Sergio Davila is handling the art. On Marvel’s website, editor Alanna Smith called the crossover a “treasure hunt into the deepest, darkest depths of the Marvel Universe…This is going to be the ultimate team-up, where the best of both Fortnite and Marvel are represented.” With how Fortnite has significantly evolved its world over the years, and the way the Marvel Universe keeps finding new ways to throw itself into crisis Every couple of months, it should be a pretty solid crossover event to please fans of both properties. Who knows, maybe it’ll actually affect the heroes of the Marvel universe in some tangible, interesting ways.

Marvel x Fortnite: Zero War will begin its five-issue run this June. Each issue will contain codes for in-game cosmetic items, with those items being available for non-comics readers to buy the following week.

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