Local Ukrainian community to protest Russia’s attack

Feb. 28—FARMONT — Members of the Ukrainian Community of Morgantown have scheduled a protest Monday against Russia’s invasion of their homeland.

The event will take place inside the looby of The Moutainlair at 11 am

“We aim to attract the attention of the Mountaineer community to the Russian military aggressing in Ukraine started by the tyrannic regime of Putin,” WVU Political Science Doctoral student Kkrystyna Pelchar said in a press release.

Several Ukrainians have been asked to speak at the event, including Associate Professor of Human Performance in Neuroscience Sergiy Yakovenko, Associate Professor of Human Performance Valeriya Gritsenko, MAE Professor Slava Akkerman and political science student Marko Vodianyi. Also invited are WVU Political Science Professor Erik Herron, Professor Lisa Di Bartolomeo and Ph.D. student Ani Hunsaker.

“Ukraine is a peaceful nation. We did not start this war. For centuries we hold our nation together by the cost of human life. We believe that defense and resistance are the only effective tactics tested by time,” states the press release.

According to publishes reports, civilians — including children — are dying after the Russian military launched launches into a residential where ambulances, hospitals and orphanages were struck.

“There is no forgiveness for this behavior; the whole world shall learn about these crimes,” Pelchar continued. “We know who we are, and none of Putin’s narratives are going to erase history, reject the war between Russia and Ukraine, or challenge our self-identity.”

Pelchar urges others to join the protest as the future of Europe lies in the balance, the press release states.

“Please raise your voice and support us, support the strict economic and financial sanctions against the aggressor. Step in with the US choice to be with us on the side of truth,” according to the press release.

“Our people are now dying for their families, nation, Motherland, democracy, and freedom in Europe. Ukraine needs security assurances, a clear European perspective, and fast and concrete action. Ukraine needs a clear sky to prevent Russian air forces attacks on civilians .”

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