[Working] 3 Ways To Find Which Private Number Called You

[Working] 3 Ways To Find Which Private Number Called You

If you have ever come across a private number calling on your phone and wish to determine the caller’s identity then, this read is for you. In this article, we have listed 3 ways to find the caller’s identity of a received private call. You can also learn how to Record calls silently using Truecaller.

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Ways to Find Caller Identity of a Received Private Call

A private phone call is usually an anonymous phone call from a spammer/malicious source whose main intention is to hide his identity from you. Such phone calls are labeled as private or unknown on your phone without any visibility of the contact details. In order to identify and avoid such calls, you can try the below-mentioned methods to find the true identity of the private caller.

Use Phone/Dialer App to Reconnect to the Private Caller

If you live in the United Statesyou can use your phone/dialer application to reconnect to the private call by dialing a country-specific call return code before any other call arrives. Follow these steps to achieve the same.

  • Open your Phone/Dialer app just after you’ve received the private call.
  • Dial *69 on your phone or landline before any other call comes.
  • You can now instantly reconnect to the private phone caller. This method is largely dependent on your carrier operator As some might redirect you to a computer-generated phone call dictating the private call phone number or in some cases, connect you back to the private caller himself.
  • Below is the list of different country call-return codes which you can dial to reconnect to the last caller. To know more, check out this quick read on call-return codes.

Use Truecaller App to Find Caller Identity of a Private Number

Another effective method to identify the caller identity of a received private call is through the use of third-party dialer apps such as Truecaller. Using this app, you can conveniently access and know the details of the incoming private call before even picking it up. Follow these steps to achieve the same.

  • Open Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your phone and search for the Truecaller app to install it.
  • Tap on the Get started button to configure the app.
  • Choose Truecaller as your default dialer app and tap on the Set as Default button.
  • On the main page, tap on the hamburger menu and press Settings.
  • Tap on the General option and scroll down to turn on Call Alert Notifications.
  • That’s it. You will now receive caller details whenever you receive an incoming call on your phone (including private calls).

Bonus Tip: Use Caller ID App to Get Notified of Incoming Calls

Another effective app through which you can easily identify incoming private calls is through the use of the Caller ID app. For the time being, this app is currently available on only the Android platform. Follow these steps to identify an unknown caller using this method.

  • Open Google Play Store on your device and search for the Caller id app to install it.
  • Tap on the Get Started button to start configuring the app.
  • Provide the necessary contacts and phone access permissions to the app on being prompted.
  • This app is capable of showing you the incoming caller identity using a popup/banner when a call arrives on your phone.
  • It will now scan your contacts and call logs to identify existing spam/unknown callers.
  • Now, on the main page, tap on the hamburger menu in the top-left corner of the app screen and tap on Settings.
  • Further tap on the Caller ID option to configure the associated settings.
  • Ensure that the toggle for the Show Unknown Callers is turned on.

That’s it. You can now easily identify an unknown/private call identity when an incoming call arrives on your phone without picking it up.

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Wrapping Up: Finding Anonymous Call Identities

So, that’s a wrap for the top 3 ways to find the caller identity of a received private call. If this quick read has helped you in determining the same, then hit the like button and share this guide among your friends to make them aware of these working tricks. Stay tuned for more awareness guides.

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