‘EA Sports PGA Tour’ is delayed by a year

Golf fans will have to wait another full year to play EA’s next PGA Tour game, with the publisher a delay this week. When it first revealed it was returning to golf games last EA said its plan was to release EA Sports PGA Tour sometime in the spring of 2022. The company has now set a spring 2023 launch window. EA did not share a reason for the delay, nor did it say what platforms the “next-gen” revival would be available on when it finally does launch.

What it did do is reiterate that the title will feature all four major tournaments – the Masters, the US Open, the Britsh Open and the PGA Championship – and run on its proprietary Frostbite engine from Dice. Speaking of Dice, the delay is significantly longer than the EA gave the Swedish studio to work on Battlefield 2042 ahead of its . Months after release, BF2042 is still missing key features, including and Dice only recently to the game.

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