Valve’s Steam Deck makes a case against walled gardens

And it’s working out for them – at least from me.

I’m spending more on Steam now on my Deck than I have in a long time. In part, this is because I’m happy with the product. If Valve had tried to make me re-purchase games bought on other storefronts in order to play them on my Deck, he wouldn’t have worked – I would just have used the Deck less, which then would have translated to spending less on Steam’s store during sales and stuff.

Plus I gush a lot at how impressed I am with the hardware and software running things that were never meant to run on Linux or a handheld (or both). I got Immortals: Fenyx Rising running on the Deck nice and smooth, despite the hilarious fact that launching the game through Steam means that it’s actually launching the Epic store, then the Ubisoft store, then the game’s launcher, and then the game itself. It’s an absurd chain of products owned by a chain of different companies, none of which give the tiniest fuck about providing any kind of compatibility with the Deck… but it works anyway. That’s some impressive shit, man. It’s my go-to example of how the Deck is clearly really good at running games not developed natively for Linux. And it’s an example I wouldn’t have if Valve had made it a walled garden.

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