7 Times Taco Bell’s Menu Pushed the Boundaries of Science

Exhibit A: A tostada made out of Cheez-it.

Exhibit A: A tostada made out of Cheez-it.
Image: Taco Bell

Earlier this month, Gizmodo reported on a new high-tech drive-thru Taco Bell that the Tex-Mex chain opened in Minnesota; at “Taco Bell Defy,” you order via a mobile app, scan a QR code when you drive up, and have your food delivered via a series of tubes, never interacting with another human being. But that isn’t the first time the restaurant chain pushed the envelope, for better or for worse—the company’s slogan was literally “think outside the bun” until 2012.

Taco Bell’s attempts at innovation have left the company with a lot of hits, from the daring Nacho Fries, to the iconic Baja Blast. But with the hits come the misses: The forgotten Taco Bell menu items that were too weird to survive. Here’s a look back at some of the more questionable menu items the chain has offered in recent years.

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