NVIDIA Wants To Cut Down 5nm Wafer Orders For Next-Gen GeForce RTX 40 Series Due To Crypto Flood Resulting In Lower Demand, Alleges Report : gadgets

Nvidia wants shortages. High demand = high price

Recession is bad for tech companies. Less disposable income means less consumer demand, less demand means prices fall (as seen in the week bitcoin crashed).

Nvidia only has 1 reliable source of demand, commercial. Commercial customers are (relatively) slow for uptake of new parts most volume for quadro cards is taken up in launch as new shinies go into new shinies. Overall demand quickly dies due to market saturation (how many new employees need a new quadro? How many old employees need an upgrade? Customer demand for server resources increased leading to upgrades/expansion)

IMO if the recession hits as hard as some are speculating we will see desktop as a service become mainstream.

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