‘The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition’ comes to PlayStation on September 6th

The Tomorrow Children, the game once described as a “Marxism simulator,” is coming back this September with brand new features and gameplay elements. Originally released as a PlayStation 4 exclusive in 2016, the online social action game spent a year in early access before Sony ultimately shut it down. In 2021, however, Q-Games, the developer who worked on the project alongside Sony’s now defunct Japan Studio, get the intellectual property rights to the game with the intention of relaunching it. Now, after tweaking and reworking parts of the game, the developer is officially introducing it as The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition.

In the game, an experiment to unite all human consciousness went awry and destroyed society. The survivors left behind are attempting to rebuild humanity in the decades that follow, and it’s your mission to venture out into the empty spaces (called “the void”) left behind by the experiment. Out in the void, you have to fight monsters and mine for minerals to build a new world.

The new version comes with the ability to play solo offline and a Comrade AI system for collaborative play. There’s also a new major feature called Monoliths, which are structures found out in the void. When triggered, they alter the state of emerging islands, giving you access to hidden areas, secret treasures and other new ways to explore the same locations. Monoliths can be activated in both single and multiplayer modes, so you can explore altered islands with your friends.

The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition will come out on September 6th in Europe and North America and on September 7th in Japan for the PS4 and the PS5, with enhancements. Q-Games founder Dylan Cuthbert said in a statement:

“It gives me great pleasure to confirm that The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition will launch this September, exactly 6 years to the day from the game’s original release. We’ve poured so much into the revival and it’s a joy to know that in two months time we’ll be able to explore the Void together as a community once again.

It was important for us to develop an optimum experience for both new and returning players, and the addition of Monoliths really takes island exploration up a notch for everyone. They allow us to deliver fresh takes on existing islands and will create opportunities for the community to find fun, new ways to explore together. I personally can’t wait to jump online to experience them with you in September!”

You can watch a trailer for the Phoenix Edition below:

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