Apple agrees to pay up to $395 to MacBook owners who replaced ‘butterfly’ keyboards : gadgets

Dang, my Macbook Pro 2014 is just outside the window. I had to replace my keyboard and it was a bear of a job. I injured myself twice lol. First, because their battery is superglued to the case, I had to constantly use an ifixit heat pad to soften the glue, but it was so tedious and slow, I inevitably got tired and frustrated and rushed it a bit, resulting in a small puncture in the battery, which burned my finger.

Then, the keyboard itself was held in with 100 tiny rivets. I had to use a tiny flat head screw driver to pry all the rivets up. This too was frustrating, tiresome, and repetitive. While I was zoned out doing this, the top knuckle of my finger accidentally scrapped the metal backing of the keyboard and took a little chunk out of my finger. I had ordered 100 tiny phillips screws to go back in their place, but I probably only used 25 of them. I did all the corners, the middle, and some sporadic ones across.

That being said, that 2014 Macbook Pro served me very well from 2014 to last year, when I finally upgraded to a new Macbook Air. The Pro still works, it’s just slow. The one time keyboard issue was the only issue I ever had. Certain keys like “e” just either wouldn’t respond, or would enter a bunch of random “eeeee” ‘s.

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