Latest updates from Cointelegraph’s ground team By Cointelegraph

Web Summit Lisbon, Nov. 4: Latest updates from Cointelegraph’s ground team

Welcome back to day three of the Web Summit, one of the world’s leading tech conferences with over 71,000 attendees on the third day. Stationed in Lisbon, Portugal, Cointelegraph’s ground team is ready to bring the most exclusive insights on Web3, crypto and blockchain from the event.

The first two days of the summit saw some of the leading Web3 founders share their views on the future of finance, metaverse and gaming. WAX CEO William Quigley told Cointelegraph that traditional firms likely won’t be leading the charge in the next generation of Web3 games. Sandbox co-founder said that the future of the metaverse is in a state of evolution, with both brands and users as important catalysts of growth.

Cointelegraph EIC Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr along with Seven Seven Six founding partner Katelin Holloway and Doodles CEO Julian Holguin, photo by Jose Val Bal
Venture capitalist and crypto investor Tim Draper
World wide web inventor Tim Lee
founder Charles Hoskinson, actor and journalist Ben McKenzie discussing