8 Jobs Our New AI Overlords Plan to Kill

Image: Yuricazac (Shutterstock)

Could AI text and image generators replace human artists? That’s the million-dollar question. As the world marvels at the advent of tools like OpenAI’s image generator DALL-E, it can’t help but seem possible, if not likely. So far, programs like DALL-E have mostly served as novelties (at Gizmodo, we’ve used them to do a lot of dopey stufflike insert US Presidents into the world of Game of Thrones or spin up nightmarish modernist paintings of Seinfeld characters). But as the programs get progressively better, a lot of concerns exist about the kind of impact “generative AI” could have—and many onlookers have found themselves wondering whether this may be the end of human art as we know it.

That said, Max Chafkin over at Bloomberg has argued that “Artists and designers aren’t about to lose their jobs to AI.” His reasoning? The current generation of image generators don’t seem to work too well…yet.

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