No, you can’t get a 16TB SSD for a hundred bucks

The article is thin on details. Atomic Shrimp gives a good layman’s explanation of how the scams work and how you can’t trust the device’s own reporting or properties about the drive itself. He has several videos where he opens these drives to show the internal bits.

It’s easier to understand in the video and it’s a bit more comprehensive, but I’ll summarize. Your computer doesn’t talk directly to the storage medium, rather it talks to a controller chip instead. The controller chip is programmed to know how much storage is available and how to manage that storage. Scammers are reprogramming that controller chip to lie and report 16TB instead of whatever the storage actually is. As far as the computer is concerned, the controller chip says 16TB and end of story. Obviously, those 16TB don’t exist and is just a black hole.

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